Frequently Asked Questions

Q. HPBC says you teach “reformed” theology.  What does that mean?

A. Generally speaking, Reformed theology holds to the authority of Scripture, the sovereignty of God, salvation by grace through Christ, and the necessity of evangelism.1


Q. Do my kids stay with me during the Sunday service?

A. As a church body, we are not only encouraged but also commanded to commit to the spiritual development of every member of our congregation.  It is essential for members of all ages to be a part of our church community.  We also appreciate that children can be especially impacted when Bible truth is taught in a manner that is customized for children, incorporating proven teaching techniques that are age appropriate.  Elementary-school-aged kids stay with their families to participate in the first part of our regular Sunday service, enjoying corporate prayer, worship music, and Scripture reading with the full congregation.  When it’s time for the sermon to begin, children have the opportunity to attend Children’s Church, where a Bible lesson tailored to them is presented and diving into the Word is encouraged.  Teenagers participate in the regular service together with the adults of our congregation.  Nursery is available for birth to Pre-K children for both the Sunday School and worship service times.  Of course, any family that chooses to stick together for the service is welcomed to do so.


Q. What is there for my kids outside of the Sunday service?

A. We offer AWANA for 1st through 5th grade kids because we know the importance of knowing God’s Word and memorizing scripture.  Teenagers may participate in our Youth Group, which is designed to study God’s word together as well as offer loving fellowship and encouraging friendships.  Both AWANA and Youth Group meet on Wednesday evenings.  During the summer, Vacation Bible School (VBS) offers a fun, week-long opportunity for kids to learn more about their faith.  Special events and activities are also scheduled throughout the year.


Q. Do I have to be a member to attend?

A. You do not have to be a member of HPBC to attend or to participate in our activities.  We pray that you will be encouraged by the teaching and fellowship and that you may ultimately decide to join as part of our church family, but you are welcome either way.


Q. How many people attend the service each Sunday?

A. While church attendance can fluctuate and HPBC has been blessed with a growing congregation. Our typical Sunday services run about 200-250 people.


Q. How do I know what Sunday School class to attend?

A. Most Sunday School classes are arranged by age/stage of life, though some represent all ages.  Our greeters at the Welcome Table in our foyer can provide more details and help direct you.


Q. Do I have to dress up for the Sunday service?

A. While some members choose to dress in their “Sunday best,” our congregation tends to be fairly casual in its dress.  We encourage modesty and dress that does not distract from or denigrate the reverence due to the Lord, but suits, ties, and dresses are not required.


Q. What style of worship music do you use?

A. The top priority of our worship music is to accomplish just that…worship.  With that in mind, we ensure that all lyrics relay Biblical truth and align with the teaching of the Bible.  Our service generally includes a choir singing traditional hymns accompanied by piano, guitar, violin, and drums.


Q. What does it take to become a member?

A. Membership requirements include repentance of sin and a confession of faith in the saving power of Jesus Christ by grace through faith in His death and resurrection.


Q. What’s your leadership structure?

A. Our church is led by a group of elders, men meeting the Biblically defined requirements of leadership, along with our Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor. Our deacons also contribute to the care and spiritual support of all church members.


Q. Can women serve in leadership roles?

A. Every member of our church, regardless of gender, is an essential part of our work and service.  While women do not hold pastoral or elder positions, many devote their time and talents to teaching other women, nurturing children, organizing events and outreach, participating in missions, and assisting with the administration and executive functions of the church.


Q. What does “expository” preaching mean?

A. In its simplest form, “expository” preaching simply means using the Bible directly, verse by verse, to teach and preach the truths of our Christian faith. 


Q. Can I participate in communion when you share the Lord’s Supper?

A. Two requirements are defined in the Bible for participation in the Lord’s Supper.  First, you must be a professing Christian…believing by faith in the salvation given by grace not works through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  Second, recognizing the essential nature of unity within the Church, you must be free of strife between you and any other member of the Body of Christ and be at peace in your relationship with God.  If such strife or division exists, a believing Christian is instructed in God’s Word to go and make peace first, and then participate in communion.


Q. How often do you share the Lord’s Supper?

A. We participate in communion once a month.


Q. I want to do more than warm a pew.  How can I get involved?

A. We are a vibrant church with many activities, outreaches, and opportunities to connect happening all the time.  Check out our Ministry page to not only plug in but also to let us know how you’d like to serve.

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