Youth Ministry

With an unwavering focus on Christ and His Word, our youth ministry strives to build relationships that point youth to a personal, saving faith in Jesus Christ, that edify and strengthen the Christian walk of each student, and that create fun and engaging interactions that encourage friendships grounded in a mutual commitment to God and His ways.

  • Wednesday Night Activities

    Group study, challenging discipleship, and entertaining activities are happening every Wednesday night throughout the school year from 6:30 to 7:45

  • Sunday School

    With classes focused on the unique perspective and life experiences of teens, our Sunday School class incorporates serious study that helps our youth tackle the tough questions and issues they face every day.

  • Retreats and Activities

    Whether it's a spirited volleyball match in our own gym or a week-long retreat away from home, we're always game for just having fun, all with the goal of building  strong, Godly relationships that prove you don't have to be like the world to fit in just fine.