Music Ministry

Our choir strives to lead the congregation in worship that prepares hearts to hear the Word of God that is to be preached.  HPBC is committed to praise songs that capture Biblically sound lyrics and a sense of reverence that focuses our attention on the majesty and sovereignty of the God we love and serve.

  • Singers

    If you can keep a tune and welcome the opportunity to express your faith through song, our music ministry invites you to be part of the choir.   Rehearsals are held weekly (usually Sunday evenings) to prepare for the weekly church service. The choir often does special presentations at Easter and Christmas.

  • Instrumentalists

    Eager to utilize your musical talents to add dimension to our worship time? Our instrumental section includes acoustic and base guitars, piano, violins, and drums.  Perhaps your sound is exactly what's needed to bring even higher praise to our worship time. 

  • Audio/Visual Support

    Our technical team provides critical support to the choir through audio, visual, and online streaming work. Because of their expertise and service, quality sound and media production is achieved.