Administrative and Operational Committees

Many in the congregation find a place to serve that aligns with their professional experience or particular skill set for addressing administrative and operational needs of the church.  Whether an accountant who knows numbers well, or a teacher who understands various learning styles, or a green thumb that makes the grounds look fresh and appealing, opportunities to contribute to the success of our church abound.

  • Finance Committee

    Tracks and reports on the financial position of the church and prepares the annual budget

  • Education Committee

    Oversees all curriculum for Sunday School classes, the AWANA program, nursery, and youth studies as well as other educational needs of the church

  • Properties Committee

    Responsible for the maintenance, renovation, and expansion of our church building(s) and grounds

  • Personnel Committee

    Responsible for employment matters relating to church staff (non-pastoral) positions

  • Security Committee

    Watches over the facility and provides protection to the congregation and children gathered for church services