Totally Committed

John 3:22-30

It’s easy in life to get excited about something new, to approach an exciting opportunity with zeal and enthusiasm.  We’re in…we’re all in.  In that moment, we can’t imagine ever seeing that excitement wane or our commitment falter.  But then life creeps in, hardships come along, and the drudgery of the journey starts to zap the last ounce of gumption we ever had for the effort. 


We see this in our society.  People are less committed to marriage, to employment, to church, and to relationships.  Unfortunately, we live in a “cancel” culture.


Lacking commitment isn’t really new to our times.  During Jesus’ earthly ministry over 2000 years ago, His closest friends, the disciples, proved their lack of commitment.  They couldn’t stay awake to pray in Gethsemane, couldn’t stay with Jesus during His arrest and trial, and vanished from the scene at the cross.


But Jesus was totally committed to the Father’s will for Him.  Even when faced with the pain of an excruciating death, the betrayal of His closest friends, and the relentless scorn of the people, Jesus was true to His commitment to do that for which He was destined. His commitment stretched to death on the cross. 


He did it all for the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose. 


So we must each ask ourselves, “Am I fully committed to Christ and His Church?  Am I willing to stay the course even when trials come, when the journey isn’t easy, when others mock or mistreat me?  Do I serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lords only when the sun is shining, or am I committed regardless of circumstances?”


John the Baptist provided a valuable example of this type of commitment.  He gave up every earthly ease to follow God’s command and plan, to boldly proclaim the truth of the Gospel.


This level of total commitment will be a life worth living and will have an eternal impact.  By being fully committed to God’s plan, relinquishing our own “rights” and submitting to His ways, represents a thrilling exchange to gain the joy of being in God’s will. 

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