Executive Pastor Application

Highland Park Baptist Church has been blessed with growth over the last several years. We find great joy in having a sense of family, but as we now navigate the changes associated with becoming a midsized congregation rather than small, we recognize that communication and operational excellence become increasingly important to the work at hand. 

Further, we value beyond measure the ability of our senior pastor to focus on congregational preaching, teaching and care. Tasking him with administrative oversight and executive duties diminishes his capacity to focus on that.


While we are a church with very active members who are dedicated to doing the work of the body, we now seek an executive pastor to come alongside the membership with organizational support and leadership, as well as oversight of the day-to-day workings of the church. 


We further recognize that a person in this position can expand our capacity and vision, allowing us to reach even more people with the gospel of Christ.


While the person in this position will fill the role of pastor and be expected to nurture and encourage the members of our church, the focus of this position is more operational than pastoral care, in nature. The primary responsibilities of the executive pastor will be to ensure:


  • that untapped opportunities for programs and initiatives aimed at expanding the kingdom of God are explored,
  • that daily operations of the church are handled with excellence and efficiency,
  • that inner-church communication is stellar, and
  • that we positively present ourselves to our community and those who express interest in our church. 

If you have been called to ministry but recognize that your strengths are in areas of administration, this unique opportunity may be exactly what the Lord has designed for you.

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